Death to the Tinman

Death to the Tinman

The twelve minute fantasy short film Death to the Tinman is shot in kind of an intentionally amateurish, no-budget, student film manner. It is decidedly absurd, which is mostly played for humor, though I suppose one could infer a more serious message or two from it as well.

The protagonist has a series of unlikely accidents that lead to his body parts being replaced one by one with tin parts. Ultimately he is killed outright, but his mad scientist sidekick is able to salvage his heart and a few other crucial ingredients, forge additional tin parts for the remainder of his externals that were not already tin, and get him going again. Meanwhile, a fundamentalist preacher has succeeded in resurrecting his flesh body (minus the heart and the stuff that was removed).

So there ends up being two versions of him walking around. And a girlfriend who perversely prefers whichever version of him doesn’t have a heart and personality at any given time.

It’s silly, but it’s fun and kind of well done in its strange way.

Actually one thing that struck me is how much they packed into twelve minutes. I was genuinely surprised when I realized it was that short, because given the number of characters, events, plot twists, etc., it feels like there’s a lot more going on here than could fit into twelve minutes.

I liked Death to the Tinman OK.