Bombón: el perro [subtitled]

Bombon El Perro

I have mixed feelings about this one.

Bombón: el perro is an Argentinian movie about a down on his luck fellow who wanders through the movie having a series of decidedly minor adventures, accompanied for the final two-thirds of the movie by a large white show dog he was given as a gift.

Probably what I liked most about the movie is that the main character himself is such a likable guy. Though a lot more goes wrong than right in his life, he always has a twinkle in his eye and a slight smile of bemusement about it all. He tickled me for some reason. He seems such a gentle soul.

Actually in general the people in the movie are more likable and entertaining than not. The blustery dog trainer is a bit of a bullshitter, the daughter is nearly always shown scolding her largely indifferent family, many of the people spend a lot of their time hustling and haggling and trying to get over on each other, yet you get the sense that pretty much all of them are decent folks underneath it all who enjoy life and enjoy people.

It’s a “nice” movie, basically.

So to some extent I was interested in watching the main character interact with these folks, but ultimately I don’t think there was enough substance here to sustain a full length movie. Had it been, say, a twenty minute short, I probably would give it a pretty good rating. But it was a bit too lightweight for an hour and a half movie.

I also, by the way, didn’t like the dog. I mean, he was cute in his own way I suppose, and there were a few scenes involving him that gave me a chuckle, but mostly he didn’t win me over. He was of a breed that looks like a giant pit bull, and I was nervous every time someone got close enough to him to get bitten. He wasn’t consistently vicious, but he also was far from friendly.

Indeed, though I take it we were supposed to understand that a bond gradually grows between the man and the dog, there’s only minimal evidence of it. Perhaps neither is very demonstrative in their affection, and thus they’re just right for each other in that sense.

All-in-all a pleasant time with some mildly appealing folks, but I can’t say this movie made much of an impression on me beyond that.