La Luna

EXR 6144x7680, 4 channel image (A B G R)

La Luna is a seven minute, animated, dialogue-less short.

A little boy with I think his father and grandfather travels to the moon to do some kind of clean-up work sweeping up stars from its surface. Or maybe they’re collecting the stars because they’re worth something, but they seem more like janitors than prospectors.

This seems to be the first such trip for the little boy. The two elders—evidently veterans at this—are showing him the ropes. There’s a certain friendly rivalry between them, as they each want him to emulate their way of doing things, from how they wear their hat, to the implement they use to sweep up the stars. In the end, he does things his own way, establishing his independence from the others, though without generating a conflict with them.

It’s a light, sweet little tale that I could see many people getting more out of than I did. I thought it was mildly visually interesting, and that the characters were occasionally a little amusing in their interaction, but there’s really almost nothing to the story (to the extent that I could piece together a story).

Inoffensive certainly, and too short to be boring or a chore to get through, but La Luna didn’t do much for me.


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