The Necktie

The Necktie

The Necktie is a 12 minute Canadian animated short.

It’s obscure but not completely surreal and impossible to make sense of. There seems to be at least a vague storyline to it. There is no dialogue. There’s a little text here and there, but it’s in French with no subtitles, which doesn’t exactly make the story easier to follow if you don’t speak French.

Though I’m not a fan of obscurity in films, I mostly was drawn in by this short. I found the animation style intriguing and pleasing, and what I could make out of the story was interesting to me.

As best I can ascertain, the protagonist is some sort of corporate flunky with an exaggeratedly meaningless moronic job (he spends the day ironing paper which then gets shredded) and a totally routine humdrum life.

Each year he gets a card and present from his mother, but other than that every day is pretty much the same.

One day he stumbles onto the fact that workers in his building are being systematically slaughtered. He decides it’s finally time to change his mode of life entirely, and he quits his job to spend his days playing the accordion.

So I guess the moral of the story is that corporate work is a waste of life that ends up killing those who are misguided enough to commit to it, and that it’s better to be an artist and a free spirit. (Totally true, by the way.)

The Necktie is interesting enough that I suppose I’d narrowly it a thumbs up.

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