The Spine

The Spine

The 11 minute animated short The Spine is by Chris Landreth, who also did Ryan. He has a really interesting animation style, where emotionally damaged people are depicted in various physically grotesque ways, such as with parts of their faces peeled away.

At a group therapy session for couples, a small, meek man is unable to express himself because his monstrously obese wife crushes any attempt of his to do so with her own rants.

They are then shown at home, where she continues to run roughshod over him, and he takes it. Then she collapses. He becomes a lot more loving toward her than she evidently has any right to expect given her abusive treatment of him, but she says she must go away (which presumably means she knows she’s dying, yet she shows up again later in the film).

His life almost immediately changes without her as he “grows a spine” (a prominent, animated spine). The remainder of the film gives some further insight into why their relationship developed as it did, showing that not everything is quite as it seemed, and perhaps deserves a more nuanced reaction.

The story itself is mildly interesting, but I enjoyed The Spine a little more due to finding the style of animation visually intriguing.

So pretty good overall.


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