A Film with Me in It

A Film with Me in It

The Irish black comedy A Film with Me in It tells the tale of wannabe actor Mark, and his neighbor and buddy Pierce. Pierce describes himself as “an actor slash director, and waiter,” but in fact has none of those three jobs and, unlike Mark who actually goes to auditions, seems to be making no effort whatsoever to get any of those jobs except sitting around speculating about movies it would be fun to make one day.

They’re each three months behind in their rent. Mark has a live-in girlfriend who is fast losing patience with him, and is none too fond of his ne’er-do-well friend Pierce.

About a third of the way into the movie, what had been a semi-serious story with bits of humor (mostly having to do with showing what losers Mark and Pierce are) becomes out-and-out farce and slapstick, as people commence dying left and right and the problem of what the two protagonists are to do with the accumulating bodies becomes more and more acute.

Some of that is indeed funny. I got several decent laughs out of it, mostly having to do with their deadpan underreactions to certain anomalous events.

But then the movie runs out of ideas. Though the guys have dug themselves deeper and deeper into a hole, they’re allowed out, by way of a plan that is neither realistic, nor all that humorously dumb and outrageous.

The last little twist, in fact, doesn’t even make sense to me. It’s treated as the clinching detail that enables them to succeed, but I don’t see how the switcheroo would raise their likelihood of success more than infinitesimally. Plus it comes with huge cost if it somehow does work.

I may be missing something implied by the ending. I suppose there’s a more diabolical interpretation one could give it than how I took it, but I don’t think that would particularly help it in terms of plausibility.

Overall A Film with Me in It is funnier than the average black comedy. (All too many movies labeled as black comedies I experience as 95% drama and 5% comedy.) The two main characters are sufficiently goofy that I suppose it’s entertaining enough to warrant an hour and a half of one’s time. But it’s nothing special, and the ending is weak, so it’s certainly not a movie I’d recommend with any enthusiasm.

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