Caraca! [subtitled]


The 14 minute Brazilian short Caraca! has the feel of a student film. It’s one of those films where the story and acting are purposely made simplistic and exaggerated for humor or for kind of a fairy tale feel.

A nerdy high school guy has a crush on a chubby girl but is shy and awkward about approaching her. Meanwhile, she has a crush on the most popular boy in school, who only goes out with babes.

She rejects the nerdy guy. The popular guy pretends to be receptive to her long enough to get a favor from her, and then humiliates her.

Will the two rejected outcasts with limited dating market value end up together and live happily ever after? Will the popular guy get his comeuppance?

I won’t give it away (since it’s really, really hard to predict after all).

On the whole, there’s not much to this. It’s a nice little inoffensive story. It looks like they probably had fun making it. But I don’t know that there’s any particular reason for this film to exist. It’s OK; I wouldn’t recommend going out of one’s way to see it.

By the way, “Caraca!” means something like “Wow!” in Portuguese.

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