Advantage is a solid little 11 minute Australian short.

A young couple is stumbling home drunk through a wealthy or suburban neighborhood, giggling and stopping to smooch every so often.

They see a tennis court and decide that that would be a nice place to get off the street and do a little harmless trespassing and fooling around.

Once they’re partially disrobed and enjoying each other, all of a sudden their mood and the mood of the film changes as all the court lights come on and some kind of weird noise plays loudly through the loudspeakers.

Understandably nonplussed, and half blinded by the lights, they quickly pull their clothes on, shout out apologies to whoever has turned on the lights and sound, and hastily seek to make their getaway, only to find that they cannot.

The set up portion of the story maybe is a little longer than it needs to be, but once the film turns sinister it’s quite good. It’s interesting trying to figure out, as they are, who or what is tormenting them and with what ultimate purpose.

The ending reveals enough to not be totally frustrating, but not as much as I would have liked. It still requires a lot of speculation, or maybe I just didn’t get it.

There’s a way to interpret the ending, when the identity of who has been toying with them is partially revealed, as intended to have an element of humor to it. But I actually hope that’s not the intended interpretation. I like this short film better as a thriller or horror type scenario than just a set up for some kind of ironic or humorous ending.

On the whole I’d give Advantage a thumbs up.

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