Nosebleed is a 10 minute art film with no dialogue and only one actor. The entire thing takes place in his apartment, where he evidently lives alone. He goes through various mundane activities such as eating a steak and taking a bath. He occasionally glances at some photos of a girl, and at one point he listens to some kind of self-help audio tape about how to make a relationship work, so presumably his relationship is on the rocks, or he’s broken up from someone who was important to him.

Meanwhile, he gets a nosebleed. At various times he bleeds from each nostril and an eye.

Because it’s an art film, he never reacts to his nosebleed in a way that makes sense. At times he ignores it, even as it drips onto the steak he’s eating. At times he flies into a panic, running around the apartment trying to figure out how to stop it. (He ultimately sticks a bullet up his nose to block it. Um, OK.) At times he dances around the apartment like Tom Cruise in Risky Business because he’s thrilled he’s temporarily stopped it (or maybe he’s dancing around for some other reason).

It very much has the feel of a student film, both stylistically (black and white, obviously very low budget) and substantively (all very symbolic and deep, or at least wanting to be deep).

It’s odd the things you notice in films, but I kind of liked the fact that his apartment seems a lot more like a real apartment than like some place in a movie made up to look like a real apartment. It has just the right amount of clutter and such.

I’m not going to pretend to know what the film’s trying to say. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that people suffer when they’re lonely, or when they’re in unsuccessful relationships. But I don’t know why he has a nosebleed or why he puts a bullet up his nose or any of the specifics like that.

I didn’t hate Nosebleed, but it didn’t do much for me.


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