Wine and Cupcakes

Wine and Cupcakes

Wine and Cupcakes is a 12 minute short film by Bruce Weber. The visuals are mostly a married couple (composer and pianist Paul Cantelon and singer Angela McCluskey) walking around Central Park.

My initial impression of McCluskey, by the way, is that she is a little odd looking, one of those overly made up late middle-aged women you might see in a seedy bar after midnight. The kind of woman whose looks were perhaps enhanced by painting her face that way when she was 25, but now it’s just kind of pitiful, like someone dressing in clothes that were in style and sexy on her decades earlier.

The audio is mostly McCluskey reciting the lyrics to If I Ruled the World, and then singing Autumn in New York.

There’s no story per se. It’s shot in an artistic way, and it’s meant to be a kind of visual poem, an homage to New York, and Central Park specifically.

I’ve been to Central Park twice in my life, and I have a positive impression of it, so seeing it presented this way connected with me a little, but only a little. I would think, though, that for someone who has more of an emotional attachment to Central Park, this could be a lot more meaningful.

Though in her brief spoken introduction to If I Ruled the World, McCluskey downplays it as hopelessly schmaltzy, that’s actually the highlight of the film for me. Hokey or not, the lyrics are lovely, and she recites them in a way that put me in touch with the sentiment of the song.

There’s enough here that I liked that it was probably worth the modest investment of time to watch Wine and Cupcakes. I’d be more inclined to recommend it to folks more in tune with this style of art, or more emotionally attached to New York and Central Park.

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