The Saviour

The Saviour

Strangely enough, this 17 minute Australian short reminded me of La perra. In specifics there’s virtually no similarity, but they’re both shorts, they both have bizarrely inventive storylines, and they’re both presumably intended primarily as comedies, but with perhaps an element of serious social commentary. And in both cases I liked them, thought they were interesting and witty enough to be worthwhile, but wouldn’t rank them super high.

The Saviour is about door-to-door evangelists, like Jehovah’s Witnesses or whatever other religions do that. (Mormons maybe? Except they have Bibles rather than Books of Mormon.) Actually I didn’t know if that was just an American thing, but evidently they have it at least in Australia as well.

Most people slam the door in their face, understandably. (I never talk to those people either, though I at least say “No thank you” before I close the door.) One woman, though, invites one of them in alone and seduces him.

Then it’s a matter of getting rid of him, as he becomes obsessed with her and keeps returning, always making an excuse to his partner about how she’s shy and insists on their religious conversations being one-on-one.

Oh, and she’s married too.

Anyway it’s fairly interesting how it plays out, with a twist revealing her motive for doing what she did. It’s not a real deep film, but there’s enough meat to at least allow for some speculation about what’s going on psychologically inside her, the husband, and the guy (really a kid) she seduced, and to what extent they’re to be pitied, condemned, admired, etc.

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