Flutter is a seven minute animated short from Canada. There’s no dialogue, and it’s done in a surreal style of animation where you can only sort of make out what’s going on.

As best I can discern, which admittedly isn’t very well at all, a boy sprints away from a playground at recess, runs through a city, runs out into the country, runs to more and more desolate areas, and ultimately, I think, runs into outer space.

That’s pretty much it, though there’s someone else who pops up two or three times spraying graffiti on a wall and being chased away by a guy leaning out a window.

So the question is, what’s the point? I’ll take a wild stab at it that’s probably not even close. Maybe it represents that some kids are so traumatized by their childhood, or by school specifically, that they fantasize fleeing wildly to nowhere—no goal, no purpose, beyond just to get away.

Unfortunately this just isn’t an art form I understand, so there’s a limit to how much I can get out of a piece like Flutter.

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