Aloha New York

Aloha New York

The phenomenon that this short film covers is mildly interesting, but for the most part I didn’t get into Aloha New York.

The film is about the surfing community in the New York City area. Of course you don’t think of that as exactly a mecca for surfers, compared to Hawaii and Southern California and such, but there is an ocean there after all, and it does have waves, and there are in fact diehards who love to surf there.

It’s kind of cool to hear some of the people in the film talk about their passion for surfing, but also their passion for New York City. The hardcore surfers—male and female—have come from all over the world, and it’s the city itself that brought them there, since, like I say, there are a lot of places with better surfing if that’s all you’re interested in.

I can understand that. I’ve only been to New York twice, but it doesn’t surprise me that people can fall in love with the city.

In the end there’s really not much to this film. It was probably made by one of their group, or a friend of theirs, and it’s just one of those “Hey, I know some folks doing something kind of unusual or interesting; I might as well document it on film” situations. It’s the equivalent of human interest filler in a popular magazine or on the nightly news.

Aloha New York connected with me a little, but no more than a little.

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