At the End of the Sentence

At the End of the Sentence

It’s not uncommon for short films to be non-linear, surreal, nonsensical in one way or another, where their value, if any, lies in something other than having a coherent, understandable story.

At the End of the Sentence, though, is an example of a film that I don’t think is intentionally obscure like that, but for whatever reason I still couldn’t make sense of enough of the story for it get through to me.

It has something to do with two brothers, one an adult and one younger one who’s maybe still a teenager, and some kind of abandonment issues they have with their father. They find out their father is coming home, but he doesn’t show up so they go out looking for him, and find him in some bar where everyone is dressed like a cowboy. (Which is odder than it sounds, as the film takes place in Scotland.) The older brother and the father get in a fight, then the brothers walk away.

Or something like that. I mean, maybe the stuff in the cowboy bar is a fantasy sequence or something, or maybe there’s some major element of the story that got past me completely.

There’s some quirky dialogue and situations presumably intended to add some humor, and a bit of symbolism that explains the title of the film, but none of that worked particularly well for me.

So even though this has the trappings of a fairly conventional story, I was left more confused than anything, and just didn’t get much out of At the End of the Sentence. It may be the kind of thing that would make more sense on multiple viewings.


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