Prayer is yet another Jay Rosenblatt short. (It seems like half the short films I’ve seen lately have been by the same guy.)

And it’s yet another extremely short film, only three minutes or so.

The entire film consists of shots of people praying at different times and places around the world, generally very fervent and sincere looking, often in physically humble postures of full prostration, set to music.

The exception is a clip at the end of people in the ’50s doing the “duck and cover” civil defense drill, which has whatever symbolic connection to the prayer clips. Maybe that the faith that nuclear war is survivable is no more justified than any religious belief. Or that war means giving up your reason and individuality and just trusting in what the authorities tell you. Not sure exactly.

Actually I found myself somewhat intrigued by the prayer clips themselves, just contemplating the humble and exalted state of mind the people seemed to be in. Bringing that around to some political point at the end didn’t do much for me.

Bonus points though for the Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade soundtrack, a lovely piece of classical music.

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