D.I.Y. is one of the shortest of the short films I’ve watched since I started writing these pieces, about five minutes. It’s from Singapore. There are no subtitles though, because there is no dialogue. It’s more in the nature of an instrumental music video.

I suppose it’s in the same genre as the show Stomp. It’s about taking ordinary sounds from ordinary life and forming them into something rhythmic and musical.

It features a half dozen or so people, not all in the same place, but in effect made to be performing in unison by the filmmaker, engaged in repetitive actions that make sound. So, one is a dishwasher squeaking a round dish as he rubs it to clean it (which looks kind of like one of those hip hop disc jockeys working a turntable), another is a woman scratching her head, another is a woman tapping on a glass aquarium, another is a man breathing audibly as he does push-ups, and so on.

For what it’s worth, most or all of the sounds aren’t genuine. Unlike Stomp, there’s a soundtrack of real instruments dubbed in to loosely match the types of sounds these actions might make.

But D.I.Y. is a clever and mildly entertaining offering. Probably worth five minutes of one’s time.


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