La perra [subtitled]

La Perra

I have to at least give credit for the creativity of the story idea in the seventeen minute Chilean short film La perra.

A middle-aged couple hires a maid. (There’s an implication that what we’re seeing has been played out many times.) While she cleans, they go to their bedroom and have passionate sex murmuring about how vulnerable they are to her robbing them, and what sneaky untrustworthy crooks people of her class are (“la perra!” [“the bitch!”] they spit out every few seconds).

Each time she comes, they repeat their fantasy. They check the house carefully after she leaves to see if anything is missing. On some occasions they plant money to see if she’ll steal it.

Always she just does her job, seemingly oblivious to their game. They are disappointed she’s not cooperating by being a thief, but in their lovemaking they convince each other that that just shows that she’s patient and conniving, that she’s waiting to make her move when she can go for the big score.

Eventually they lose patience and dismiss her, no doubt to try with another new maid.

As I say, the idea itself is offbeat enough that it’s kind of clever that someone came up with it in the first place. And the execution is fine. It doesn’t come across nearly as amateurish or low budget or student filmish as these shorts sometimes do.

Then again, there’s really not much to it. It’s cute and it’s a little funny, but I don’t know that there’s anything deeper or more interesting or thought-provoking going on.

Other than—and admittedly this is a reach—maybe it’s a commentary on how conservatives don’t just propagandize and spread their ideology for motives of self-interest, but at some level (La perra suggests sexual) get a strange sort of pleasure out of denouncing their economic and social inferiors, whining about them, expecting the worst from them. Think Ayn Rand cultists, for instance.

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