Call Register

Call Register

The thirteen minute British comedy short Call Register actually caused me to laugh out loud more than once. It’s about on the level of a Saturday Night Live skit, but the dialogue, the acting, the timing is very sharp. It tickled me for sure.

Two roommates take turns calling the same woman. One just met her and got her number and is nervously trying to get a date; he then finds out his roommate has already dated her. So they go back and forth about how to handle this, how to see if she’s really interested in the one guy, how to see if she’s fully over the other guy, etc. Meanwhile, she’s shown on split screen taking their calls, and at times startling them by calling one or the other of them back. Of course she has no idea they’re connected and sitting next to each other during these calls.

The entire film consists of the roommates’ conversation with each other, and their phone calls with her. There is much humorous awkwardness and tension and rivalry.

Now that I think of it, it’s maybe more like half a Seinfeld episode. Imagine the way Jerry and George would talk back and forth if they were interested in the same woman and kind of simultaneously competing with each other, and teaming up to fool her with some silly phone charade. Think of the kind of dialogue the Seinfeld writers might come up with for a situation like that, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the feel of Call Register.

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