Conte de quartier

Conte de Quartier

Conte de quartier is a fifteen minute cartoon about various people’s (and animals’) activities one day involving a doll that has stolen property or drugs or something sewn inside it.

There’s almost no dialogue, and what there is is apparently deemed incidental enough that they didn’t bother subtitling it. (Not the version I saw, that is. I’ve since seen references to it online as in fact being subtitled.) It’s done in a surreal style of animation. As a result of these two factors, it’s difficult to follow the story in any but the most general way.

And I think really the point of it is the style of animation. It’s supposed to create a certain mood visually and be impressive to look at; likely everything else is secondary.

I wouldn’t say it’s as obscure as something like Tyger or Ring of Fire. I’m not convinced those even have stories. They’re surreal substantively rather than just stylistically. This one I suspect is telling a story that in principle is comprehensible, but it’s just made obscure by the style of the telling.

It’s probably closer to something like Madame Tutli-Putli.

I’m more into substance than style, so while Conte de quartier is mildly interesting to look at, frankly I was mostly bored by it.

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