I’ve never not liked something I’ve seen from Mike Judge. His movies and TV shows have ranged from pretty good to very good.

I thought Extract was mildly disappointing, so clearly at the low end of his body of work.

It’s a comedy about an entrepreneur who runs a factory that makes synthetic food flavorings. There are multiple interrelated storylines involving a lawsuit by an employee, a femme fatale con artist, and the entrepreneur’s marital sex and fidelity problems.

None of these storylines, though, amounts to much. They’re never more than mildly interesting to follow, and their resolutions are perfunctory.

Still, there are a respectable number of oddball characters and funny lines and situations that elicited laughs from me, probably a little more so in the first half of the movie than the second.

Some of the minor characters are especially well drawn. (Judge is good with dumb guys.) Probably my favorite is the annoying neighbor, though other amusing characters include the manager who can’t be bothered to learn the employees’ names and so just refers to each of them disparagingly as “Dinkus,” and Gene Simmons’s hair.

And Mila Kunis is very pleasing to look at, as always.

Extract is a fun movie with some good laughs. It would be nice if it were more than that, but it’s decent.


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