Guide Dog

Guide Dog

Guide Dog is a companion piece to Guard Dog, which I wrote about recently. It’s another very short cartoon, featuring the same manic dog.

The dog’s a pretty good character. Bless his heart, he’s doing his best. And he never lacks for enthusiasm.

This time around he takes a job as a guide dog for blind people, but in spite of—if not as a result of—his over efforts, each of the three people he’s assigned to comes to a gruesome, unlikely, and comical demise.

Purely in terms of humor, it’s probably about equal to Guard Dog if not a little sharper. If there’s a reason to prefer Guard Dog it’s that that one has something kind of interesting to say on a symbolic level (or at least I was able to attribute such meaning to it, whether it was really there or not). It’s possible this one does too, but if it does I didn’t pick up on it. It seems more just for fun.

And it’s successful on that level. They’re both funny.

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