La Leçon de danse [subtitled]

La Lecon de Danse

This French film (“The Dance Lesson” in English) is only five minutes long, and not surprisingly it’s as light and superficial as something of that length almost has to be. But it’s reasonably amusing for what it is.

A lone figure engages in a couple minutes of pantomime for the camera, with subtitles identifying each thing he’s signifying. Some of it he’s acting out like a mime, and some has only a vague physical resemblance to what it signifies and so is more of a stipulated, conventional connection like sign language.

Some of it is mundane stuff (“top shelf,” “bottom shelf”), and some of it gave me a chuckle (“whacking off a tall bloke,” “whacking off two tall blokes,” “beating up a midget”).

Then he turns on music and a disco ball, and goes through these same motions faster to the music.

That’s it. Like I say, not much to it, but it’s mildly entertaining.

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