Acacia [subtitled]


For most of the way, I stayed somewhat interested in this Korean ghost story, but toward the end I faded noticeably. Acacia is slow throughout, focusing more on atmospherics and foreboding music than action, and even when people start getting killed, there’s really nothing all that scary or shocking or thought-provoking about it.

Also for most of the way, I was ready to say it wasn’t real bad in terms of my pet peeve of movies that make it ambiguous if what you’re seeing is really happening or just some character’s dreams or imagination. (There are a few ambiguous scenes like that, but they’re brief and immediately followed by a scene of a character waking up, to tell you it was just him or her dreaming.) But then it goes off the deep end in that respect toward the end. It’s certainly not the most confusing of the movies I’ve written about so far, but the hallucinations and flashbacks and flash forwards and whatever else is going on really pile up.

I think it’s the mother who’s going nuts and killing people, and the scenes of other people killing each other are her delusions, but don’t hold me to that.

I guess you have to give the movie points for novelty. How many horror movies feature a killer tree?

I wouldn’t say Acacia is a total waste of time, but this movie didn’t do much for me.

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