United We Stand [subtitled]

United We Stand

OK, here’s pretty much this whole (nine minute) film: A bunch of old men go hiking in Norway, singing and having a good time. They come upon a woman who is stuck in a swamp. They walk out to her and pull her out, she leaves, and they realize they’re now stuck. They cheerily sing the Internationale and gradually sink, presumably to their deaths.

This would have been completely pointless to me, but I cheated and did a Google search and read about United We Stand online, so now it’s only almost pointless.

Evidently it’s an excerpt from a feature length movie that uses comedy to comment on the contemporary political parties of Norway.

So presumably the hikers represent socialists or communists of some kind. Their getting along so well is odd for parties of the left, but never mind. I guess their being so old means socialism is past its prime, behind the times. I don’t know what the rest means. That they’re good at helping people, but not good at helping themselves? Like maybe socialism worked fairly well, but they had bad p.r. or lacked political skills, so they failed as a political party anyway?

I fear much is lost in translation. If you’re not intimately familiar with contemporary Norwegian politics (which, alas, is true of me and I suspect maybe even of some of the people reading this), this film will almost surely seem silly and useless. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if it seemed silly and useless even if you were familiar with contemporary Norwegian politics, but I don’t know.

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