West Bank Story

West Bank Story

West Bank Story is a twenty minute spoof of a West Side Story-type musical comedy. A Palestinian girl (major hottie, by the way) and an Israeli boy fall in love, in spite of the fact that they work at neighboring fast food restaurants—one serving Jewish food to Jews, and one serving Arab food to Arabs—whose rivalry is precariously close to turning violent.

It’s clever I suppose, and it can’t hurt to try to lighten things a bit in that part of the world, but it isn’t really my style. I’m sure a lot of people will be offended by it, not so much because it treats a serious situation non-seriously, but because it is scrupulously even-handed in its treatment of the two parties, and many people believe that in real life one side is the clear villain and the other the clear victim.

That aspect of it didn’t bother me. I just felt it was never more than mildly entertaining. But I think its heart is in the right place, and I suspect many people would enjoy West Bank Story more than I did.

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