Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways

I went back and forth on Look Both Ways. I never was crazy about it, but at times I was somewhat interested and at times I was bored.

It’s an Australian movie, so I could understand most but not all of what was said. It follows the overlapping lives of a handful of people as they go through various crises, large and small.

Early on it shows potential, as it introduces several heavy themes, including accidental death, suicide, slow death by cancer, romance, divorce, and unplanned pregnancy.

But then for a while it doesn’t do much to live up to the potential. The little bit that happens happens slowly. My mind was wandering for much of the movie.

I felt my interest pick up a little bit toward the end, mostly in connection with the photographer who’d been told he had terminal cancer, and the death-obsessed lonely woman he was potentially starting a relationship with. I started to care about the characters a bit again, at least those two.

But not much. For all the thought-provoking issues it raises, this movie just never grabbed me.

The film includes numerous very brief animated scenes to illustrate certain characters’ daydreams about the various ways it’s possible to die. That’s the kind of artsy thing I often find distracting, but I thought it was mildly interesting in this movie.

There are also some quasi-music video sequences where dialogue stops and you watch a montage of the characters as music plays. That didn’t work as well for me. It wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t think it added anything to speak of to the film.

Look Both Ways is another movie I could see myself liking a bit more if I were in a different mood when I saw it. But as it is, I was bored more often than not while watching it, so a mild thumbs down.

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