The Limbo Room

The Limbo Room

The Limbo Room has the appearance of a very low budget film. It’s the story of actors and understudies in an off-Broadway play.

I can’t say this ever really connected with me. I was bored for most of it. I had trouble paying enough attention to keep track of who was an actor, who was an understudy, who had some non-acting job connected to the play, and who was dating one of the above. Some of the characters kind of ran together for me.

Eventually two main plot elements emerge. One is the main female understudy’s love life. She lives with an out-of-work actor at the start of the film, and later takes up with a much younger fellow. The second has to do with the play’s female lead alleging that the lead actor is using a rape scene in the play as an opportunity to rough her up for real. Most of the people seem to think she’s an unstable diva who is imagining it all. She soon quits the play over it.

The first of those two elements gets the most attention, but to me there’s really nothing interesting about it. I just didn’t care about these people or how they happened to be coupling up.

The second is somewhat more promising. At least that gave me a little to think about as it developed. The ending, while not really a surprise, ratcheted up the intensity before stopping abruptly.

Overall, The Limbo Room is one of the duller films I’ve written about so far, though with an ending that will wake up some viewers.

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