Music Rising

Music Rising

Music Rising is a 45 minute or so Canadian documentary from 2006, shot in New Orleans a year after Hurricane Katrina. It is about charitable efforts to rebuild the local music scene by providing returning musicians with replacement instruments, among other things.

It’s a very straightforward, maybe even bland, documentary. It’s intended as basically a long public service announcement, so there’s no edge or controversy to it, any more than there would be to a telethon.

It held my interest reasonably well because I have an emotional attachment to New Orleans from the time I lived there. And there are some powerful visuals of flood damage. But all the record company executives and such talking about the importance of saving the New Orleans music scene got a little repetitious. I’d like to have seen some of that cut to make room for showing more of the musicians actually playing music.

In the end I don’t know that I got all that much more out of it than if it had been a four to five minute feature story on CNN. It was ten times that long, but felt like it had only maybe three times as much content.

Nothing objectionable about it of course, as it’s all for a good cause, but Music Rising didn’t stand out to me as anything special as a film.


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