11:14 is not a real heavy movie, but it is entertaining for what it is.

It has an unusual, perhaps gimmicky, structure. In turn, you’re shown each of several different people’s experiences over the course of a few minutes late one evening. So the same time period, from a bunch of different perspectives. And all these people’s experiences intersect, so as you watch each mini-story, you get more insight into the ones that came before, and ultimately you see how everything hangs together.

It’s clever, and for the most part it works. It kept me interested to see how it all plays out. And in the end it makes sense; they did a good job keeping it coherent despite the multiple perspectives.

I’d say within the stories there are some things here and there that are not all that believable, though it isn’t real bad in that regard. But, for instance, what the one woman is willing to do to keep her job isn’t plausible to me, because it’s about the lowest paying job you can get, and the average turnover for jobs at that level of employment is probably measured in weeks if not days. So her desperation to keep that job is pretty far-fetched.

I also wasn’t real clear on what the one guy was doing with a corpse or why, though that may be because my attention flagged for a few minutes at that point, rather than a problem with the movie itself.

So all-in-all, 11:14 is interesting, and it manifests a certain amount of technical prowess and cleverness in getting the unusual narrative structure to work. That’s enough for a mild recommendation.

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