Little Terrorist [subtitled]

Little Terrorist

Little Terrorist is a very nice, simple little tale about a Pakistani Muslim boy who inadvertently gets stuck on the wrong side of the India-Pakistan border and must be protected by two sympathetic Indian strangers.

What’s effective is that you not only have the heartwarming, good Samaritan element, but it’s set in a context where you’re face-to-face with contrasting human phenomena and the sources of that phenomena: a minefield, irrational fear of terrorism, self-important people whose only authority comes from having a uniform and a gun, the horrific tearing asunder of India itself that created this artificial border in the first place, and most interesting—since it’s manifested even in the behavior of the “good guys” of the story—the irrational treatment of the Other as inherently polluting and somehow inferior.

When the child embraces his protectors at the end, you appreciate what is good about the world. The fact that he has reason to reminds you what is not.

Good, solid film. One of the better shorts I’ve seen recently, along with Be Quiet and Harvie Krumpet.

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